Man Makes Millions on Fake MBTA Passes

May 27, 2011
By Parker Scheer LLP on May 27, 2011 3:17 PM |

A Massachusetts man is facing larceny charges after being accused of making millions of dollars worth of counterfeit monthly MBTA passes. He sold the passes online for a discounted rate. Attorney General Martha Coakley reported that Andres Townes, 27, of Revere, worked at Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc. a company that had an agreement with the MBTA to produce monthly passes.

Coakley stated that Townes has produced and sold up to 20,000 counterfeit MBTA monthly passes through various websites like craigslist since 2007. In March alone the MBTA traced 400 of these passes that totaled around $70,000. The passes appeared legitimate and worked as normal passes but were never authorized by the MBTA, which did not profit from the illegal passes.

Coakley believed that the scheme would have gone undetected for years had it not been for a commuter rail operator who confiscated a suspicious pass. The operator noticed something different on a pass; when he asked the customer where she had bought it, she answered craigslist. Coakley and investigators believe that the scheme could have produced around $5 million in illegal passes since 2007.

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