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September 30, 2011

Belmont Businesses Turn Out to be Prostitution Fronts

Two women in Belmont were arrested and charged with prostitution on Wednesday, September 21, after they allegedly solicited undercover officers for sex. The first woman was arrested at Queens Body Works on Trapelo Road in Belmont, and the second woman was taken into custody at New Moon Body Works massage parlor on Belmont Street.

According to the Belmont Police department, they had received complaints that both businesses were fronts for prostitution, and were advertising online. Belmont Police Lt. Richard Santangelo said, "I think it was more people in the neighborhood seeing things that just didn't look quite right. Guys going in there who didn't really look like they were there for a massage type of thing."

Rafaelo Brukian, a local shop owner, was also suspicious and said that "everybody closes here early, and they are still open." During the sting each undercover officer was solicited for sex at each establishment before they took the women into custody. Both women were charged with sexual conduct for a fee.

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September 28, 2011

Arson in Allston: Vandals Setting Fire to Cars

On Saturday, September 24th, five cars were damaged in three separate but connected fires in Allston. According to Steve MacDonald of the Boston Fire Department, the fires were started in the daylight by a group of mostly students near Ashford and Pratt Street.

MacDonald said there have been eight car fires in Allston over the past month. With the rise in vandalism over the past months, Allston resident have become increasingly concerned about the safety of their properties and selves.

Jeff Intinarelli, who lives in Allston, said "the fact that someone can actually bring themselves to do that to someone else, it blows my mind." No arrests have been made in connection with the fires. MacDonald said that "this here is just really random, they're off the street and it's not clearly visible. And there's no rhyme or reason when investigators have been looking into these."

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September 26, 2011

Boston Police Urge Caution on the Esplanade

After a string of assaults on the Esplanade in Boston, police are continuing to search for the person that they believe is responsible for the attacks. In the wake of recent assaults city officials are urging residents, especially college students, to exercise increased caution while going through the park at night.

Boston law enforcement are urging people who are going through the park to 1) walk with a friend when possible, 2) carry a cell phone, 3) avoid poorly lit areas, 4) refrain from wearing headphones or earbuds, 5) and let someone know when you expect to arrive home. The city requests people remain calm yet vigilant.

Boston Police believe that the same suspect is behind three separate attacks on woman in the Esplanade in June 2007, July 2007, and July 2009, as well as an attack that took place in Joe Moakley Park in 2006. The suspect is a male, African American and between 5'8", and 5'10".

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September 23, 2011

Neighbor Finds East Boston Woman in Critical Condition

An Easton Boston woman was discovered outside her home Wednesday September 21 so savagely assaulted that she was unrecognizable. The neighbor who discovered her said she believed the woman was dead.

Boston Police reported that the victim was in her 20's, and was suffering from life-threatening injuries. Police have not yet determined if she was raped. According to reports, the neighbor was taking out her recycling around 7 a.m. when she discovered the victim lying on her side, naked, in a nearby lot.

The victim was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital. According to neighbors the victim lived in the East Boston area for around a year. Tricia Saint Andre, from East Boston, said that "their neighborhood is very quiet everyone looks out for each other," and that she was shocked by the news.

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September 21, 2011

City of Boston Condemns Dorchester "Drug Den"

A Dorchester three-decker home was condemned Monday September 19, and fined thousands of dollars after Boston city inspectors discovered a makeshift drug den, an illegal attic apartment, tampered gas meters, and suspect wiring.

The condemned house is located on 9 Inwood Street in Dorchester. According to reports, when inspectors arrived at the house they found a tenant dismantling TVs and computer monitors and illegally disposing of the mercury and dangerous chemicals inside them.

One of Mayor Menino's top priorities has been to clean up suspected drug dens and rid them of illegal activity and prostitution, says his spokeswoman Dot Joyce.

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September 14, 2011

Three Men Killed in Waltham Apartment Building

Around 2:25 p.m. on Monday September 12, Waltham Police responded to a Harding Street apartment where three men had been killed, though the manner of death has not been disclosed. A preliminary police investigation has indicated that the killing was not a random act and that the assailants knew the victims.

A witness told news reports that they saw a girl running out of the apartment screaming, "blood everywhere" and that marijuana was covering the bodies. The Middlesex district attorney's office has not confirmed, however, that drugs played a part in the death.

The DA's office is currently investigating and searching for two suspects who were at the apartment during the time of the murder. The house, which was in a largely residential area, was being rented by the victims. Waltham police told reporters there had been two other murders in the city within the last year.

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September 12, 2011

13 Month Old Found Dead Outside Day Care

On Monday, September 12, a 13 month old boy was found dead in a day care van parked near Gloria Luna's Family Day Car in Dorchester. According to police reports the child may have been in the car for over 6 and a half hours before his body was discovered.

It was found in a maroon van with letter print "School Bus" on the roof. The day care is part of a three-decker building on Floyd Street, which also houses a transportation company that shuttles children to and from the day care.

Boston officials also reported that the day care building lacked fire extinguishers or carbon monoxide detectors and was being shut down at least until Thursday morning. At that point a hearing officer will present the violations to the property owners who will have a chance to explain their plans to correct the problems. Investigations into the child's death are ongoing.

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September 2, 2011

Man Fatally Shot in Boston Seaport District

A 24 year old man was shot and killed in Boston's up and coming seaport district. Boston Police reported the shooting may have started as a fight on board the charter Viking Starliner Boat.

The victim allegedly had ties to both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. According to reports, the man was shot on a Northern Avenue dock behind the bank of America Pavilion at around 2:20 a.m. The shooting took place after his boat docked.

3 years ago to the day of this shooting there was a very similar and unsolved murder of a 41 year old mother of three from Brockton who had also been aboard a Boston cruise. The woman was shot to death in the parking lot of the Institute of Contemporary Art following an altercation aboard the Provincetown II cruise ship.

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