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December 28, 2011

Boston University Hockey Star Charged with Sexual Assault

A Boston University star hockey player, and New York Islanders draft pick, was arrested by Boston University police after allegedly assaulting a female student. Reports indicate the 21 year old student followed a young woman back to her room and forced his way in.

According to police, the female student told him to leave but he refused and began indecently kissing and groping her. He apparently left the room twice, but continued to return. The student called campus security after the third attempt.

The student hockey player was arrested by BUPD in the dorm's elevator and was reported to be intoxicated. The player was permanently removed from the team, where he was the leading scorer in Hockey East.

The full article can be seen here.

Attorney Tofani, of counsel to Parker|Scheer, LLP and an associate of the firm's criminal practice group, reflects:

The allegations that led to the serious charges that Corey Trivino currently faces out of the Brighton District Court provide an example how college students that are charged with crimes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts face potential sanctions that exceed those that a non-student would face under similar circumstances.

As the news article points out, Trivino was quickly removed from the Boston University hockey team's roster. Additionally, he was ordered by the Brighton District Court to stay away from Boston University housing and he was ordered to forfeit his Canadian passport. In other words, at the commencement of the criminal proceedings, Trivino was subject to independent sanctions from: 1) Brighton District Court; 2) United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement ('ICE'); 3) the Boston University hockey team; and, 4) the Boston University disciplinary board.

This is a common situation that college students charged with crimes often face: proceedings and possible sanctions from a number of different governing bodies, in addition to the courts of the Commonwealth. This is precisely why it is important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who can fight for the best interest of the college student before each governing body.

The university disciplinary board is a distinct entity from the court system, and generally operates independently. Depending on the particular policies of the specific university, the disciplinary board may communicate with the investigating police officers, if necessary, or may have no communication with any individuals beyond the student and the employees of the institution. Notwithstanding, a positive disposition in the courtroom often allows for a positive disposition before the respective university disciplinary board, and minimizes potential immigration consequences.

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December 20, 2011

Watertown's first black police officer murdered at 60

A 60 year old Roxbury woman was recently found dead in her Roxbury apartment by Boston Police. Police discovered the body of the women at 8 Wardman Road. She was discovered unresponsive when officers arrived on the scene.

An autopsy was performed ruling the death was by homicide. Investigators have yet to release any details about the homicide, including how she died or why they are declaring it a murder.

According to her family members, the woman was Watertown's first black police officer, and had previously sued the department for racial and gender discrimination.

The full article can be seen here.

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December 14, 2011

Man Accused of Videotaping in Women's Locker at Somerville YMCA

A 24 year old man has been accused of videotaping women at a Somerville YMCA shower.
The man was charged November 1, 2011, with video recording or electronically surveilling a partially nude or nude person as well as accosting a person sexually and photographing them in multiple locations including the Somerville YMCA.

The original charges date back to a November 1st incident at the Somerville YMCA. During that incident, an unnamed woman claimed to have witnessed a man taking photos of her from a bathroom stall while she was changing. Officials then discovered a man in the locker room who matched the woman's description.

The 24 year old man was originally charged with offenses stemming from this incident but then Somerville Police obtained a search warrant and seized his phone. Police discovered a number of similar images of victims from different locations. According to reports, new charges against the suspect are expected to be filed.

The full article can be seen here.

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December 7, 2011

Student brings gun into high school

A 14 year old student from the Brook Farm Media Technology School is being held in police custody without bail after he was caught carrying a loaded gun through the West Roxbury Educational Complex located on the VFW Parkway.

The incident occurred around 8:45 after, according to police, a "vigilant staff observed him entering through an unauthorized door." The staff member then confronted the student and found the loaded gun. The educational complex does contain metal detectors, but they are located at the front entrance and not the side.

Matthew Wilder, a Boston Schools spokesman released a statement saying, "the safety protocols that are in place worked and at no time were any students in immediate danger." However, many parents of students feel that the school is not as safe as it should be because every door into the school is not as secure as they could be.

The full article can be seen here.

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December 1, 2011

Utah Professor Caught Watching Child Pornography

According to reports, a University of Utah professor, 47, was caught watching child pornography on a school laptop on a flight to Boston. Prosecutors informed reporters the laptop in question was purchased with a school research grant.

A passenger on the Boston-bound plane took a photo of the professor with his cellphone and then alerted flight attendants who subsequently called the police. Boston police found over than 66 pornographic images on the laptop involving children as young as five years old.

During the flight, attendants went over to the man and asked him to put his computer away, at which point he attempted to delete the images. The man is being held on $75,000 bail and has been ordered to have no unsupervised contact with children.

The full article can be seen here.

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