Woman Arrested for OUI after Causing Serious Car Accident, Threatens Trooper with Voodoo

August 9, 2013
By Parker Scheer LLP on August 9, 2013 11:04 AM |

Vivencia Bellegarde, of Everett, Massachusetts, was pulled over by a state trooper on suspicion of OUI and running a Boston Globe delivery truck off of Route 93 onto the Leverett Connector. The surveillance video shows her car slamming into the Boston Globe truck and forcing it into a 40-foot fall off of the road. When the truck hit the connector it fell apart.

However, this is not when the real action began. When the trooper approached Bellegarde's vehicle, it was noted that she was carrying three different EBT cards- both her own and two other people's cards. She responded to questions from the trooper with expletives, and mocked him for paying for his own food when she gets it for free. She also threatened to place a voodoo curse on the trooper.

The trooper's report also notes that Bellegarde called him a racist multiple times, informed him that she was from Haiti and would put voodoo on him. She also told the trooper to Google her name to find out who she was, and said she was coming for him.

Following the incident, a spokesman for the Department of Transitional Assistance issued a statement saying that action would be taken regarding the EBT cards found in Bellegarde's possession.

Bellegarde was held on $10,000 bail and charged with both drunk driving and causing serious injury due to the Globe truck. There has not been any public mention of charges regarding the EBT cards or the threats placed on the state trooper.

The driver of the truck was injured in the crash and taken to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was listed as being in fair condition.

Since then, the defendant confessed that she had been at a party before the crash occurred, and didn't care about the injured driver because he wasn't dead and she wanted a cigarette. She initially denied that she was the driver of the car. However, she has since acquired legal counsel and stopped talking. Bellegard has had 10 previous suspensions, and has already has a first-offense drunk driving charge on her record from Lincoln. In the arrest report from 2011, it says that the trooper could smell the booze on them and failed multiple sobriety tests, but was polite and cooperated with the officers at the scene. She had called the cops herself for tire help while on her way home from a Boston club during the early morning hours. The Registry of Motor Vehicles noted that because she refused to take a breathalyzer test following the crash, she faces a 3 year license suspension.