Robberies on the T

June 18, 2010
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June 18th, 2010--- Since last year, there have been a number of robberies on the T, particularly of smartphones as SIM cards are easily swapped out and replaced. The total percent of these robberies has reached 42 percent, along with a 26 percent increase in overall crime as of January 1st. Interviewed in the Boston Herald, Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan remarked that, " the bulk of our robberies are what we would call snatch-and-grabs. And a lot of them are from these iPhones that are being stolen." Transit Police are handing out cards to passengers that warn them to be more cautious with their personal belongings.

------ a brief list of safety precautions and facts

10 Ways to Keep your Personal Belongs Safe while in Public Areas

1. Be aware of the actions of those around you
2. Make sure to keep all personal items in a secure spot, for example: Zipped up pocket within a bag that can be closed via zipper, etc. and/or within a safe spot on your person
3. Keep all personal items close to you
4. Take note of how your belongings can be accessed from the outside
5. Do not wave around expensive items, for example: wallet, money, ipods, smartphones, etc.
6. If you do take out your ipod, smartphone, etc, close your bag immediately afterwards
7. Try to limit how many of things you carry onto the T
8. If you need to check for something that involves opening a bag or such for an extended period of time wait until you are relatively by yourself
9. Keep your personal items especially close when in overly crowded spaces
10. Please report any suspicious activity and/or persons to Transit Police

Facts: Crime on T
• Robbery has risen 42% since last year
• Overall crime has increased 26% since Jan.1st
o 115 robberies during this period: 88 unarmed
• Larceny: 221 to 267 from last year: 21% rise
• Cell phone theft: 69 to 81 from last year: 17% rise
• Total Part 1 Crime ( includes: assaults, rapes, burglaries, motor vehicle theft, etc): 356 to 448 from last year: 26% rise

Boston Herald, June 18th 2010 T cops: Keep a close eye on your iPhone

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