MBTA Accident: Man Struck and Killed

February 28, 2011
By Parker Scheer LLP on February 28, 2011 7:34 PM |

The MBTA system is not perfect and accidents do occur. A major accident caused around 50 non life threatening injuries on the Green Line stop in Government Center just last summer. The driver in that accident was at fault for the accident because he was texting his girlfriend and not paying attention. This accident was a major news story because of the extent of the damage but no one involved was killed.

Fatal accidents unfortunately do occur, and on February 20 around 5:30 at night inside the Central Square Red Line station a man was struck and killed. It has not been confirmed, but reports have stated that the man was on the tracks before he was struck and killed. The train service was interrupted between the Harvard and Park Street stations on the red line for around two hours.

The MBTA accidents on the red line during the months of December, the most recent month surveyed, had declined from the previous month. According to the MBTA Scorecard per 1,000,000 miles traveled the red line in December reported only 3 accidents. That was down from 5 accidents reported per 1,000,000 miles traveled in the previous month of December. These statistics take into account all accidents and does not distinguish between major and minor.

A brief report is featured in the Boston Globe: MBTA subway train strikes, kills man