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November 12, 2011

Boston police arrest 24 in protest

Two dozen protesters were willingly arrested from in front of the Bank of America in downtown Boston during a September 30th protest. The willing arrests were a public sign of civil disobedience against Bank of America for their alleged unfair foreclosure practices.

The protest started during rush hour and quickly grew to around 3,000 people before nightfall. Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said that "they wanted to be arrested, and we obliged." Davis went on to say that, "none of those arrested at Bank of America resisted, no trouble at all, it's a great group."

The 15 woman and nine men, who were arrested, did spend several hours in booking and lockup in South Boston, but a police spokesman told reporters that they are unlikely to face serious trouble. Carolyn Grant, one of the women arrested, told the Boston Herald, "we had to set a stand to let Bank of America know they cannot foreclose on families and put them out on the street."

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