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February 16, 2012

Alert: "Peeping Tom" Reported on Boston University Campus

The Boston University Police Department issued a crime alert for an alleged "peeping Tom" a week after two incidents were reported in Claflin Hall. The alert was issued to all Claflin residents. The hall is located at 273 Babcock Street in the West Campus.

The first issue that was described took place on January 22 when a female resident of the hall reported an "unknown suspect holding a cell phone up from under the shower stall in their direction." The second incident in the hall occurred on January 25. A second recording took place in the shower stall, but this time an iphone not blackberry was used.

The BU Police Detective Division is currently investigating both incidents, but there has not been an announcement whether the two are connected. BUPD Sergeant Jeffrey Burke has urged students to "remain vigilant about observing their surroundings in dorms, especially around shower areas."

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February 2, 2012

Newton Teacher Faces Multiple Child Pornography Charges

A Newton teacher of 12 years was arrested on Tuesday on possession of child pornography. The man, 34, of Brighton, Massachusetts, is facing charges in Boston of child pornography, a second set of charges in Brighton, and a third set of charges in Louisiana. The 34 year old man is a second grade teacher at Underwood Elementary School.

When arrested, police discovered image files depicting children under 18 in sexualized contexts at his home. Newton Mayor Setti Warren said, "our priority is ensuring the safety of every child. If these allegations prove to be true, the suspect detained should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The type of behavior that is alleged has absolutely no place in our community."

The man also faces child pornography charges in Louisiana for participating in a child exploitation business. The teacher was one of 52 people arrested in the online federal sting entitled, "Operation Delgado." The 52 people arrested allegedly took part in a member only online message board called "Dreamboard" which was created to share and promote pedophilia and child pornography.

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