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May 6, 2011

Man Exhibits Indecent Exposure in the Brookline Public Library

The Brookline Police Department is trying to track down a man who allegedly inappropriately touched himself at the public library on Saturday. Brookline Police and investigators are working with library officials to locate the suspect. Brookline Public Library director Chuck Flaherty is optimistic that a surveillance video that they have of the suspect will help police nab him. Flaherty is quoted as saying that "unfortunately this case was the most extreme that he has had to deal with."

The suspect allegedly walked into the Brookline library with a laptop computer, sat down at a table and exposed himself, prompting a nearby woman to scream. Brookline Police Lieutenant Philip Harrington stated that the woman "turned and noticed the subject indecently exposing himself." The suspect then took off. When the woman brought the situation to the attention of another bystander, they proceeded to chase the suspect out of the library.

Flaherty wanted to reiterate to the public that "they do their best to create a safe environment for our patrons, but that sometimes these things happen." Flaherty went on to assure the public that "if that person comes back here in the future, he is going to get caught because the staff members are familiar with the photo."

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