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April 25, 2011

State Fugitive Escapes Prison

The Massachusetts state's prison fugitive squads are on a hunt for a 24 year old convict who has escaped from MCI Shirley this morning. The fugitive, Tamik Kirkland, formerly of Springfield, has a violent past and criminal charges. He was serving a two to four year sentence for weapon offenses. According to the Department of corrections, Kirkland was declared an escapee at 7:37 a.m this morning.

In 2009 Kirkland pleaded guilty to possession of a large capacity firearm and additional weapon charges in connection to an attempted murder charge. He also pleaded guilty to drug possession with intent to distribute. The Department of Correction states that this is Kirkland's first time in a Massachusetts prison.

If Kirkland is caught he will be placed in what the Department of Corrections deems "higher custody" and his sentence could be extended. The DOC has not yet revealed how the escape happened but they have confirmed that "the incident is under investigation." The last escapee from MCI Shirley was in 2008 during a massive ice storm.

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