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February 17, 2014

Improper Procedure for Discharge of Deliberating Juror Results in Reversal of Guilty Verdict

Last week, the Massachusetts Appeals Court issued an opinion in Commonwealth v. Garcia that reversed a jury's guilty verdict on the grounds that the judge did not follow appropriate procedures in discharging a juror during deliberations.

The defendant was charged with armed robbery, and the case was tried in superior court. About approximately three hours of deliberating, the jury sent a note to the judge, stating that they had not been able to come to a unanimous decision. The judge did not believe that the jury had deliberated long enough to show a deadlock, and instructed the jury to resume deliberations the following day.

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May 24, 2012

Dorchester Woman Charged in One of a Series of Bank Robberies

According to a statement by FBI officials, a 46 year old Dorchester woman has been charged in a bank robbery that is reportedly part of a series of heists that federal and state authorities had called on the public's help to solve.

The woman was arrested by members of the FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force during a car stop in Danvers, Massachusetts, thanks to the help of public tipsters. The woman is charged with the unarmed robbery of a Sovereign Bank on Boylston Street on April 13th.

Police and FBI have asked the public for help with this string of hold-ups, including "the April 21 robbery of a Dorchester Sovereign Bank and robberies on Friday at a Citizens Bank in Dorchester, a Jamaica Plain Mount Washington Bank and the Members Credit Union in Dorchester." The FBI put out a statement that said, "this investigation and many others demonstrate the public is always law enforcement's best ally to prevent, detect, and deter crime."

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January 26, 2012

MBTA Fare Scheme Finally Put to a Stop

An Attleboro woman and a Beverly man were charged recently in what Massachusetts prosecutors are calling, "the biggest fare evasion scheme in MBTA history." Assistant Attorney General Gina Masotta reported that the two collected thousands of dollars a month selling MBTA passes in person and on Craigslist.

Masotta told authorities, "the value of the tickets was over $4 million and at least 20,000 passes were illegally obtained." The passes were illegally obtained through one of the suspect's brother, who worked for a company that handled sales of the MBTA passes online and by phone.

The Attleboro woman, 41, is being charged with conspiracy and receiving stolen property. The man, 28, of Beverly is also being brought up on charges of receiving stolen property in connection with the MBTA pass scheme.

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August 1, 2011

MBTA Police Catch Armed Man Evading Fare

According to MBTA officials, a 20 year old man from Chelsea is being held on bail after he was found carrying a loaded gun through an out of order MBTA gate that he was using to evade the fare. The man was stopped at the Andrew Square station by MBTA police when they discovered he was using the nonoperational gate.

Reports say that the man appeared nervous when he couldn't immediately produce identification upon request. He allegedly, "gave the officers a small crumpled up piece of paper, and fled on foot."

Police were able to track him down, force him to the floor, and handcuff him. As the officers were tackling him to the ground he reportedly reached toward the right part of his body where he had a loaded handgun. The man was charged with fare evasion, possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition, and unlawful carrying of a loaded firearm.

The full article is featured here here.

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June 29, 2011

Braintree Best Buy Discovers Counterfeit Check Criminals

According to police, five people were arrested in Braintree after they were accused of passing off bogus checks. On Thursday June 23rd shortly after 8 p.m., security officers at a Best Buy store called police after spotting someone previously suspected of using counterfeit checks. Police reported that Barbara A. Pritchett, 43, her husband, William C. Pritchett, 45, her brother, James M. Brumfield, 4 (all of Dorchester) and Glen Leshore, 47, of Randolph, were being monitored on surveillance cameras for passing fake checks.

The police were able to perform a search of Glen Leshore, allegedly uncovering multiple envelopes containing 26 bogus checks written under various names. Police also reported that Barbara Pritchett had four bogus checks and a receipt from Best Buy totaling $910.30, and James Brumfield had two Best Buy receipts with matching checks for $779.85 and $849.98.

All five suspects were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property over $250. Leshore, Brumfield and the Pritchett's were also charged with larceny over $250. Leshore, who may have been the ringleader of the whole operation, was also charged with forgery.

The full article can be seen here.

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May 18, 2011

Dorchester Health Clinic Office Charged with Theft

Boston Police reported that a Cambridge man stole large sums of money from a community health center in Dorchester and spent it on himself. The man has allegedly stolen over $750,000 from the Dorchester Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center.

The center's executive director Doctor Achebe took over the center three years ago when it was on the verge of bankruptcy and has turned the center around. Unfortunately, a former payroll consultant for the center routinely stole money that was intended to help some of the city's patients who are in extremely poor health, and used it to pay for a Cambridge penthouse and a Lamborghini. The suspect worked in the center from 2003 to 2008.

Patients who use the health center said they have seen a huge improvement since Achebe took over, but say that the return of the $750,000 would go a long way toward future improvements. Achebe vowed that "justice has to be served for a community that has nothing, for a health center that could do great things if it had the resources, and to for those who work in this building...diligently...honestly and have done so for 42 years."

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